terça-feira, 7 de outubro de 2008

Love you always

In this silver sea
your face is what I see
in this landscape usually green
like the eyes in your face
now they're all brown
like the planes of Alentejo,
and the gentle hills of your body
that I want to caress
with all my love and tenderness,
and this gentle breeze
feels like you're whispering in my ears
words of lust and love
words of desire and pleasure,
it only makes me want you more and more
feel your naked body
fill you with pleasure
make you tremble and ask for more.
I miss you so much
no words can say
how much I miss your touch.

Love you always

7 October 2008, João Fernando

2 comentários:

Artista sonhadora disse...

gostei muito deste ,e com a vossa foto.está muito bonito.
beijinhos grandes titio João

Anónimo disse...

nada falta, excepto a toada musical, para que possa ser cantado o poema, como se andasse de boca em boca, numa ode ao amor, grande como o vosso!